Web Resources

Need to get something done with local government agencies? Or would you like to know what’s happening in Dublin or among the Muirfield community? Check out these online resources…

Muirfield Village / Muirfield Association

City of Dublin

Washington Township

  • Main website: wtwp.com
  • Station 93, serving Muirfield and Weybridge with fire and rescue services

Delaware County

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Electric Utility

Additional Utilities

Internet Connectivity

Internet service is available to all homes in Weybridge. Services change over time, but as of August 2021, there were 2 major options for wired (not wireless) Internet services in the Weybridge neighborhood.

  • AT&T Internet — Based on the classic copper phone lines installed in Weybridge since the 1980s, AT&T offers Internet via their DSL platform, which can offer download speeds up to 75Mbps, but speeds are commonly below 50Mbps in Weybridge due to our distance from the nearest AT&T central office. Service costs vary, but are typically around $50-$60 per month for Internet service alone. AT&T offers a variety of bundling options that can include traditional phone service, mobile phone service, and more.
  • Spectrum Internet — Based on coaxial TV cables, Spectrum offers Internet via their cable modem platform, which can offer download speeds of up to 1,000Mbps in Weybridge. Service costs vary, and Spectrum offers a variety of bundle options including home phone service, cable TV, and even mobile phone service. Costs vary based on your Internet speed and your service and bundle choices.
    • Example: One resident reported 400Mbps Internet with no other bundled service costs about $100/month.
    • NOTE: Spectrum is known to give initial discounts that expire over time, and prices can rise quickly. Plan to call in to cancel service or negotiate a new contract every year or two to keep your monthly cost under control.