A Super Time to Scout for Bagworm!

Many Blue Spruce, are showing infestations of bagworm. Bagworms tend to blend in with other parts of the tree. At first, it may look like a spruce or fir cone. However, on close inspection, multiple bags may begin to appear, holding many eggs that will hatch in the spring and infest the tree the following spring. Other evergreen showing symptoms of bagworms were Arborvitae,

brown tree                      prunners

Now is a great time to get out and scout for bagworm. As mentioned, if only a couple of bags are observed, just remove them and burn them, unless the tree is too tall. The best way to remove the bags is to cut them off with pruning shears. Pulling the bags off by hand can damage the cambium tissue on the stem since the silk from the bagworm is very strong.

bag worns on tree              bag worms 1

Fairly late in the spring, late May into early June, the eggs hatch and the tiny larvae emerge through a hole in the bottom of the bag. Insecticides applied in mid- to late June are the most effective.

Colorado blue spruce in Ohio seem to be encountering more issues in the landscape. Bagworms can be found on Arborvitaes, deciduous and evergreens, although damage on evergreens can be more lethal since they defoliate the tree and they will not grow needles until the next year. Several years of defoliation can kill the tree.

 Please contact any Weybridge Board member and report any sightings so we can let Brightview Landscaping know so action can be taken.

Opening of Dublin New Pedestrian Bridge

UPDATE: The City of Dublin has canceled the formal bridge opening event, as well as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, over concerns generated by risks of spreading the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dublin Presdestrian bridge

It’s finally here! The City of Dublin is proud and excited to announce the opening of the new pedestrian bridge over the Scioto River. The bridge will open with a community celebration and dedication event on March 13, 2020. It will be part of an exciting weekend in Dublin, which will include the Greenest, Grandest St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 14.

Schedule of Events: 

Friday, March 13th:

  • 7 PM: DJ/music in two designated viewing locations (Bridge Park Avenue between Riverside Dr. and Longshore Street and North Riverview Street)
  • 8 PM: Grand Illumination (bridge illumination, special effects, and light show)
  • 8:30 PM: Bridge is open to the public
  • 8-11 PM: Choreographed light shows on the bridge

Saturday, March 14th:

  • All Day: Bridge open to the public
  • 7-11 PM: Choreographed light shows on the bridge

*Free parking in the public garage next to the library and Bridge Park garages.

February Ladies Lunch is canceled

Weybridge Ladies… a bit of bad news. Lunch organizer Sharon Foster let us know today the February lunch has, unfortunately, been canceled. The lunch was originally set for Feb 20, but it looks like we’ll be waiting until March for the next gathering.

Sharon reports a variety of attendees have reported they are recovering from illnesses, have conflicting appointments, are out on vacations, and so forth.

The next run of the Weybridge Ladies Lunch is scheduled for Thu, Mar 19 at 11:30am over at the Bob Evans in Powell. Check out the complete list of lunches for 2020 on our Calendar page anytime.

BrightView may start spring cleanup as early as this week

The first official day of spring will be March 19 this year, and surprise: that’s less than 40 days away. So, while we’ve seen snow over the past few days, the truth is it’s been a fairly mild winter up to now, and we might see more unusually mild days in the weeks ahead. Given the milder-than-usual winter, our landscaping firm — BrightView — is thinking they’d like to get started with some “spring” cleanup, possibly as soon as the next 2-3 weeks (yes, in February!).

What might we expect in Weybridge in the next 2-3 weeks (weather permitting)?

  • Edging around trees and landscape beds (edging might also be touched up again before mulching comes later in the spring)
  • Mulching and/or pickup of any remaining leaves from the fall
  • Blowing off hard surfaces and beds

Part of the goal of starting earlier is to get a jump on the spring season so we’re lined up for a more timely delivery of mulch this year.

Questions about landscaping matters? Please contact our Weybridge Landscape Chairman, Brent Kliehauer, at weybridgelandscape@gmail.com.

Garbage collection schedule for the holidays

Weybridge trash collection will be delayed 1 day over the next two weeks due to the Christmas Day and New Years Day holidays. Garbage and recycling should be out for pickup in the mornings on:

  • Thursday, December 26, 2019
  • Thursday, January 2, 2020

If you’re doing any yard work and need yard waste collection, that schedule is unchanged, with pickups on Mondays.

You can learn more about the modified schedule and rules about recycling on the City of Dublin website here.

The Bridge: December 2019

bridge-cover-dec2019The December 2019 edition of The Bridge, Weybridge’s resident newsletter, has been distributed via email to all residents with a registered email address. The emailed copy included private documents just for residents, not for publication on our website.

If you need another copy of The Bridge, you can download a PDF copy right here:

You can also find back issues of The Bridge over on the newsletter’s home page here.

If you’d like to ensure your email address is on file with Weybridge, please email any updates to weybridgeweb@gmail.com or weybridgepresident@gmail.com at any time.

Reminder: Weybridge Ladies Lunch is Thu, Dec 12

This month the Weybridge Ladies are gathering a week earlier than normal for the special holiday Lunch. So please join us at 11:30am this Thursday, December 12 at J. Liu of Dublin. Here’s the address:

50 W Bridge St
Dublin, OH 43017

For the holidays, this lunch includes a $5 Christmas Gift Exchange! Please bring a gift of about $5 in value to exchange with the group.

New residents welcome! If you’re attending, please let organizer Sharon Foster know you’re coming and arrive by 11:30 a.m. Need a ride? Sharon can also help with coordinating rides.

Please contact Sharon at 614-659-7819 or via email at apple50000@aol.com.