Turf treatment, including chemical application, set for Tuesday, July 13

BrightView will be in Weybridge this Tuesday (July 13) to apply lawn fertilizer and┬áchemicals as part of our regular “turf treatment” service.

If you have areas of your lawn you do not want fertilized or sprayed, you can place lawn flags to mark areas that are off-limits. If you need flags, contact our Landscape Chairman, Lisa Henry at weybridgelandscape@gmail.com.

For areas that are sprayed and fertilized, homeowners with pets or children are advised to keep them off the lawn for at least 24 hours after the chemicals are applied.

Memorial Day 2021

Weybridge honors

Memorial Day was created to honor the many American men and women who died in military service. They made the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life, our freedom, our liberty. I honor you and all who currently serve in the military for not only what you currently do, but for what you might have to do. THANK YOU!

Memorial Day pic

Join the Muirfield-wide garage sale Saturday, June 12

This week the Muirfield Social Activity Committee announced plans for the 2021 Community Garage Sale, set for Saturday, June 12 between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

All residents are encouraged to participate by holding a garage sale of their own or browsing the many sales across Muirfield.

How to Participate as a Seller

[1] Sign up to join the sale here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080d4dafad2aa4f49-muirfield1

[2] Watch for an email for more info on how to participate

[3] Get a City of Dublin yard sale permit (you may be fined if you don’t have one)

  • Permits are sold Mon-Fri 8am-5pm at 5800 Shier Rings Rd — go to the main front desk or the Planning Department desk for assistance
  • Permits are $5 each (cash or check); you can get up to 2 permits per year
  • The permit must be displayed at your garage/yard sale
  • Direct any questions about yard sale permits to the City of Dublin at 614-410-4600

[4] During the sale, put up your garage sale balloons — they can be used to indicate you’re participating the community sale (rather than using a Muirfield yard sale sign)

Weybridge property inspections: Thursday, May 13

Photo by Karol D on Pexels.com

Every year the Weybridge board conducts a whole-neighborhood property inspection, walking through all of Weybridge, including through backyards and around our homes. [This duty is noted in the Code of Regulations, Article III, section 3 (e).]

This year Weybridge walk-around inspections are set for Thursday, May 13. You’ll see Board members with clipboards either starting around 6:00pm.

What does the board look for? Clear violations of the Warranty Deed that need to be fixed, such as paint problems, safety concerns, landscaping issues, or anything that’s out of character for the community or may impact home values.

If any problems are found, they are documented and homeowners are made aware of the issues within a few weeks, along with a request to fix the noted problems in a reasonable amount of time.

Finally, board members will maintain reasonable physical distances during the inspections.

Meanwhile, the board will see you Thursday!