Turf treatment, including chemical application, set for Thu, May 26

Ready for summer? BrightView will be in Weybridge tomorrow, Thursday, May 26 to apply lawn fertilizer and chemicals intended to prevent the growth of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds in our lawns.

Our apologies for the late notice, but if you have areas of your lawn you do┬ánot want fertilized or sprayed, you can place lawn flags to mark areas off-limits to the BrightView team. You’ll need to do that this evening or very early tomorrow.

For areas that are sprayed and fertilized, homeowners with pets or children are advised to keep them off the lawn for at least 24 hours after the chemicals are applied.

Mulch expected Fri, May 20

Our landscaping provider, BrightView, is currently planning to be in Weybridge this Friday, May 20 to deliver our annual mulch and begin adding it to beds around the community (weather permitting). It’s likely to take a couple business days (without rain) to complete the installation.

Mulch is provided based on your Landscaping Questionnaires, filled out earlier this year.

Note that BrightView intends to “blow” mulch into place this year, similar to past years, so be prepared for some noise and dust — closing windows would be a good idea during the installation.

Questions about mulch or other landscaping matters? Please contact Cate Monks or Karen Vincent, our Landscape Co-Chairs, at weybridgelandscape@gmail.com for more information.

Please welcome Weybridge’s new Landscape Co-Chairs

As the 2022 landscaping season gets started, Weybridge has a new pair of volunteer Landscape Chairs to help us work with BrightView and keep our neighborhood looking great. Residents Karen Vincent and Cate Monks have graciously agreed to be our new volunteer landscaping coordinators and are already on the job.

By way of introduction, Cate has provided the following:

Hello neighbors! I am volunteering as Landscape Co-Chair this year, along with Karen Vincent. We are getting a bit of a late start this season, and we apologize in advance for any problems that may have cropped up.

I have already met with our representative from BrightView and have given them all the information from the 2022 Landscape Questionnaires we collected over the winter. We’re gearing up for a great season!

I know several residents experienced problems this past week with some aggressive edging that cut some phone, TV, and Internet cables. Hopefully you’ve been in touch with your provider, as they should provide repairs at no charge. If you have additional questions or concerns about this please email us at the address below.

We appreciate your patience as Karen and I learn how best to communicate with BrightView. Meanwhile, I am delighted to be in the neighborhood and look forward to getting to know you all!

And Karen provided this bit of additional background info:

Hello Weybridge! My husband Rick and I moved to Weybridge about 2 years ago. We currently split our time between Ohio and Florida. We have 4 children and 10 grandchildren, some of whom also live here in Muirfield. I’ve also previously served as a Landscape Chair for another HOA, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone as we go through the season!

Questions or concerns about landscaping matters? Contact Cate and/or Karen via email or feel free to call.

Weybridge Landscape Co-Chairs : weybridgelandscape@gmail.com
Cate Monks : 5306 Laidon Ct : 303-517-7591
Karen Vincent : 9235 Stratton Ln : 614-530-7555

Can you help Weybridge with landscaping coordination?

Photo by Matthias Cooper on Pexels.com

While we’re all nestled away in Weybridge this cold and snowy winter, it’s easy to forget spring and summer are coming. Believe it or not, in just a couple more months spring will be here! And once the sunshine, rain, and warmth return, everything outside our windows will start to grow again — the grass, shrubs, trees, flowers, and more.

We manage Weybridge’s green growth primarily through our landscaping agreement with BrightView. But that relationship — like our grass, turf, and mulch — requires some management. That’s why one of the most important volunteer roles in Weybridge is our “Landscaping Chair” — the person that acts as the central point of contact for residents and BrightView alike. This role keeps BrightView focused on high-quality services and communicates with individual residents about any concerns and their own landscaping responsibilities.

And we need a new Landscaping Chair. Can you help?

The Landscaping Chair Role

Like all the volunteer jobs in Weybridge, this person is a resident of Weybridge and spends a bit of time most months coordinating landscaping for the community, keeping the neighborhood beautiful while holding down our quarterly dues. This role talks with our BrightView service manager, takes calls and emails from residents about landscaping questions or concerns, and intermittently monitors the quality of the work BrightView teams are performing throughout Weybridge. The Chair also often attends quarterly Weybridge Board meetings (but not always).

To be clear, the Landscaping Chair does not mow lawns or weed flower beds! At most the Chair will occasionally walk around the neighborhood to see how our landscaping is doing and chat with residents about grass, trees, shrubs, and so forth. The job is all about observation, communication, and coordination.

New Chair Needed Now

Our most recent chair, Weybridge resident Scott Jones, had to resign due to professional workload concerns. So before the new season of landscaping gets started, we need a new volunteer from the community. Could it be you? We hope so!

Want to learn more about the role? Contact our new Weybridge Board President — Lori York — at weybridgepresident@gmail.com or 614-286-4048.

Turf treatment moved to Wed, Oct 27

Schedule Change! BrightView has delayed the turf treatment — originally planned for Fri, Oct 22 — until next week. The new chemical and fertilizer treatment date is Wed, Oct 27.

As noted before, if you have areas of your lawn you do not want fertilized or sprayed, you can place lawn flags to mark areas that are off-limits. If you need flags, you can pick them up from a container on the front porch of 9246 Muirkirk Dr.

For areas that are sprayed and fertilized, homeowners with pets or children are advised to keep them off the lawn for at least 24 hours after the chemicals are applied.