Pet Management in Weybridge

Did you know there are both laws and rules on the books about how you handle your pet in Dublin, in Muirfield, and therefore in Weybridge, too?

City of Dublin code specifically states dogs must be kept “under control” when off leash in public areas, or must otherwise be on a leash. They don’t mention cats being on a leash because… you know… they’re cats.

Similarly, you may have seen repeated email reminders from Muirfield Village that pet owners — especially folks walking their pets — are required to pick up after their pets when they do their business, if you know what we mean.

These rules and laws are in place to keep Weybridge (and Muirfield, and Dublin) clean and presentable, as well as safe for the pets, kids, and everyone else enjoying our common areas, walking trails, yards, and so forth.

So please: leash your cat — or dog — or keep them under control, but also be sure to clean up after them. Your neighbors will thank you!

Picking up after your dog is not only being a good neighbor, it’s the law in Dublin. It’s also good for the environment—dog poop left on the ground can make its way into our sewer systems during rain events, polluting freshwater supplies.

Painting suggestions from your Weybridge HOA

The Weybridge Trustees advise you to talk with your neighbor (roofmate) before painting/staining next time, to assure color match of your home.

1. First, both residents need to agree on a paint/stain color. (Weybridge roofmate agreement)

2. Fill out a Weybridge Design change request, Weybridge roofmate agreement, and a Muirfield Association Paint/Stain application. Take to any board member and we will approve and take to Muirfield Assoc. for the final approval.

3. Here are the three forms that are needed. Click on link to download.

         a. Weybridge roofmate agreement

         b. Weybridge Design Change Request

         c. Muirfield Paint/Stain Application

Muirfield Association has granted Weybridge a FREE application fee for painting.

Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day was created to honor the many American men and women who died in military service. They made the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life, our freedom, our liberty. I honor you and all who currently serve in the military for not only what you currently do, but for what you might have to do. THANK YOU!

Memorial Day pic

Memorial Day in Weybridge

Memorial Day

Monday is Memorial Day, a day when we honor the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who gave their lives in service of our country. While we won’t be able to get together to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, we can still honor them while staying safe:

  • Place an American flag in your yard; if you have a flagpole, fly the flag at half-mast until noon
  • Observe the national Moment of Remembrance by pausing for one minute at 3 PM
  • Send a letter of thanks to a veteran or a care package to a soldier
  • Create patriotic crafts for your home or chalk art outside
  • Make a red, white and blue recipe
  • Watch a patriotic movie

Thank you to all those selfless Americans and their families who gave so much to protect our country.

Weybridge Strong

Covid-19 cartoon

April 14th 2020

Stay Safe, Be Strong, We are all in this together and doing a great job. Hopefully we have followed all the stay at home orders. Weybridge neighbors are here to help, check on each other, that’s what good neighbors do.

Enjoy Life