Weybridge HOA in need of Volunteer to run for Trustee

The Weybridge Board of Trustees are five (5) volunteers chosen via periodic HOA elections in November. Each elected Trustee serves a 3-year term, but Trustees are elected on a staggered schedule. Once elected by residents, the Trustees then vote amongst themselves to fill the Officer roles (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Landscape Chairman).

The Weybridge HOA needs one more volunteer for this years election. There are three openings due to their terms expiring. We have two candidates but need one more. Here is your chance to help your community, meet your neighbors and help to keep cost of dues down by not having to have a management company.

If you are interested or need more information please contact Norm Parrish at Weybridgepresident@gmail.com or 614 889-9668 or Stacy Holliday at weybridgesectreary@gmail.com ASAP.

Memorial Day 2021

Weybridge honors

Memorial Day was created to honor the many American men and women who died in military service. They made the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life, our freedom, our liberty. I honor you and all who currently serve in the military for not only what you currently do, but for what you might have to do. THANK YOU!

Memorial Day pic

Weybridge mourns the passing of Charlotte Fultz

On December 16, 2020 Charlotte Yonna Fultz was called home to be with her Lord. She was born January 3, 1916 in Dayton, Ohio. The 104 years of her life afforded a significant opportunity to see many changes that have taken place. Charlotte resided in Worthington, Ohio with her first husband, Jasper N. White who died in 1962. She had two children, Roberta Lynn Hartman and Donald T. White. In May 1967 she married Clayton Fultz of Portsmouth, Ohio. They lived together happily for 53 years in Dublin, Ohio. “Charlie” to her family and friends, loved out- door sports, and was an avid freshwater angler in her early adult years. Her zest for life and passion for flower gardening were abiding pursuits. Charlotte was a fun-loving wife and active mother who enjoyed her grandchildren and great-children. Her sense of humor was a trait to remember. She was generous to all who needed her help, and will be sorely missed.