Painting suggestions from your Weybridge HOA

The Weybridge Trustees advise you to talk with your neighbor (roofmate) before painting/staining next time, to assure color match of your home.

1. First, both residents need to agree on a paint/stain color. (Weybridge roofmate agreement)

2. Fill out a Weybridge Design change request, Weybridge roofmate agreement, and a Muirfield Association Paint/Stain application. Take to any board member and we will approve and take to Muirfield Assoc. for the final approval.

3. Here are the three forms that are needed. Click on link to download.

         a. Weybridge roofmate agreement

         b. Weybridge Design Change Request

         c. Muirfield Paint/Stain Application

Muirfield Association has granted Weybridge a FREE application fee for painting.

Memorial Day in Weybridge

Memorial Day

Monday is Memorial Day, a day when we honor the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who gave their lives in service of our country. While we won’t be able to get together to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, we can still honor them while staying safe:

  • Place an American flag in your yard; if you have a flagpole, fly the flag at half-mast until noon
  • Observe the national Moment of Remembrance by pausing for one minute at 3 PM
  • Send a letter of thanks to a veteran or a care package to a soldier
  • Create patriotic crafts for your home or chalk art outside
  • Make a red, white and blue recipe
  • Watch a patriotic movie

Thank you to all those selfless Americans and their families who gave so much to protect our country.

Weybridge first Mowing April 14th, along with Fertilizer and weed spraying April 16th. Update on Driveway sealing

BrightView will be preforming they first mowing in Weybridge on Tuesday April 14th weather permitting, TruGreen will be applying  lawn fertilizer and chemicals designed to prevent the growth of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. They expect to be here  April 16th weather permitting.  If you have already put flags for pets out please pull them to allow for mowing. the flags can go back out on the 15th

If you have areas of your lawn you do not want fertilized or sprayed, you can place lawn flags to mark areas that are off-limits. If you need flags, they are available on Brent Kleihauer’s front stoop.

For areas that are sprayed and fertilized, homeowners with pets or children are advised to keep them off the lawn for at least 24 hours after the chemicals are applied.

Update on Driveway sealing

Flyers have not been sent out yet, we are still waiting to hear back from our Blactop sealing contractor to confirm the dates. Weybridge HOA will be sending out emails and flyers in mailbox slots to keep you updated. Standby for announcements as we all  work through this time of unrest.

Weybridge Mulching to Start Today


The wonderful smell of fresh mulch.  Over the next couple of days, weather permitting Brightview Landscape will be applying mulch to our landscape beds. Mulch is important to your Lawns health because: Mulch insulates the soil helping to provide a buffer from heat and cold temperatures. Mulch retains water helping to keep the roots moist. Mulch keeps weeds out to help prevent root competition.

Brightview Landscape update

What to expect on your site this week in Weybridge:

  • Begin mowing some sites this week, looking to start main mowing next week.
  • Trying to finish up mulching and a few sites will be pushed based on client feedback.
  • Blowing off hard surfaces as well as beds.
  • Finish pre-emergent to prevent weed germination
  • 1st Round of TruGreen Turf applications has begun!

Bright view Landscape has alert us of a couple pests we are keeping our eyes out for early this season, please read at your leisure. just click on the link to view

White Pine Weevil – 2020-03-30 White Pine Weevil

Eastern Tent Caterpillar – 2020-04-06 Eastern Tent Caterpillar

If you see any signs of these pests please contact our Landscape Officer Brent Kliehauer (