Trustees, Officers, and Volunteers

Many people participate in the day-to-day management and operation of the Weybridge community, including elected Trustees, limited legal counsel, and multiple volunteers.

Board of Trustees

The Weybridge Board of Trustees are five (5) volunteers chosen via periodic HOA elections. Each elected Trustee serves a 3-year term, but Trustees are elected on a staggered schedule. Once elected by residents, the Trustees then vote amongst themselves to fill the Officer roles (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary).

President: Norm Parrish

Vice President: Pam Webb

Treasurer: Jan Mussio

Secretary: Stacy Holliday

Trustee (at large): Lisa Henry

  • Beth Alderson was elected in Nov 2018, but resigned in Jan 2021; Lisa Henry was appointed to this Board seat in Feb 2021
  • Term ends Nov 2021
  • Email:
  • NOTE: Lisa Henry resigned from her board seat in September 2021. The election in October 2021 will fill this seat.

Statutory Agent / Legal Representation

The Board of Trustees maintains a Statutory Agent to represent the HOA in legal matters and can provide legal counsel to the Board as needed. As of May 2021 our legal representation is provided by Williams & Strohm, LLC in Columbus. They specialize in real estate law for homeowners associations. Our assigned lawyers are Nicholas Barnes and Brad Terman.

NOTE: Please do not contact our HOA lawyers directly, as it may incur fees that must be paid by the HOA, which could turn into higher dues for residents. If you have questions of a legal nature, contact any of the Board members first.

Board Nominating Committee 2021

Three (3) Board of Trustees seats are up for election in October 2021, for terms starting in November 2021. To help find candidates, a volunteer Nominating Committee was formed. Members included:

  • Lisa Henry
  • Stacy Holliday
  • Norm Parrish

All residents are encouraged to consider standing for election and serving on the Weybridge Board of Trustees. You’ll learn a lot about our rules and finances, get to know your neighbors, and help maintain Weybridge’s special community for everyone.


In addition to the elected Trustees, Weybridge depends upon active volunteers that help keep our community beautiful and connected.

Landscape Officer: [Temporarily Filled by Norm Parrish]
The Landscape Officer role coordinates our relationship with BrightView — our landscaping contractor — and handles questions from residents on matters around lawns, trees, shrubs, and more.

Webmaster: John Proffitt
John maintains our website, email subscriptions, and helps the Board with technical matters.

Ladies Lunch Organizer: Sharon Foster
Sharon coordinates the monthly lunches, including restaurant reservations, ride sharing, and related activities.

Publisher, The Bridge: Bill Campbell
Bill coordinates the writing, editing, printing, and distribution of our quarterly newsletter.

New Resident Ambassador: Pam Webb
Pam welcomes new residents and shares information about our community.