Trustees, Officers, and Volunteers

The Weybridge Board of Trustees are volunteers chosen via periodic HOA elections in November. Each elected trustee serves a 3-year term, but trustees are elected on a staggered schedule. Once elected by residents, the Trustees then vote amongst themselves each year to fill the Officer roles. There are currently 5 official Trustee positions. Updated following Board elections in October 2018.

President: Norm Parrish

Vice President: Pam Webb

Treasurer: Ed Kuplis

Secretary: Stacy Holliday

Trustee (at large): Beth Alderson

Board Nominating Committee 2020

Two (2) Board of Trustee seats are up for election in fall 2020. To help find candidates, a volunteer Nominating Committee has been formed:

  • Lisa Henry
  • Ed Kuplis
  • Norm Parrish


In addition to the elected Trustees, Weybridge depends upon very active volunteers that help keep our community beautiful and connected.

Landscape Officer: Brent Kleihauer
Brent coordinates our relationship with BrightView — our landscaping contractor — and handles questions from residents on matters around lawns, trees, shrubs, and more.

Webmaster: John Proffitt
John maintains our website, email subscriptions, and helps the Board with technical matters.

Ladies Lunch Organizer: Sharon Foster
Sharon coordinates the monthly lunches, including restaurant reservations, ride sharing, and related activities.

Publisher, The Bridge: Bill Campbell
Bill coordinates the writing, editing, printing, and distribution of our quarterly newsletter.

New Resident Ambassador: Sandra Campbell
Sandra welcomes new residents and shares information about our community.