Please take our 3-question Weybridge resident online survey now

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Weybridge has had a quarterly newsletter — The Bridge — for many years, but we also have our website (which we’ll be upgrading this year). Producing the newsletter is time-consuming and has some cost for the HOA, so the Board wants to determine whether there’s enough value for residents to keep the newsletter going.

Our very simple, very fast 3-question online survey will help us think about what to do with our website, newsletter, and more. You can take the survey anytime here:

We will use the results to inform what we do next with the newsletter and other communication channels. And we’ll share any findings here on the website.

NOTE: Our online survey, linked above, is also mentioned in the next edition of The Bridge, coming to you in the middle of this week.

Thanks in advance, and we hope you’re excited for the warmer months right around the corner!

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