Weybridge Ladies Lunches on hold — seeking a new organizer and ideas

If you’ve got the Weybridge Ladies Lunch on your calendar for this coming Thursday (Jan 19), you may need to make other plans. Our lunches are now on hold until we can find a new organizer.

Sadly, our most recent organizer’s work schedule has gotten very busy, and at the same time participation in the lunches is down over the past few years (partly due to COVID-19, partly due to normal community changes), so we may need a bit of re-thinking of how to do the lunches, and definitely need a organizer.

Weybridge Ladies: Our board President Lori York is seeking your ideas and a volunteer organizer. Would someone like to take the lead? And should the lunches change in terms of schedule or destinations? For example, should the lunches always be at the same location? Every other month? What would you like to see in 2023 that would get you back to the table with your neighbors?

Please email, call, or text Lori with your thoughts, questions, or ideas (or to volunteer!). She can be reached at weybridgepresident@gmail.com or 614-286-4048.

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