Private snow removal service available to Weybridge residents

Winter has arrived, and we’ve already seen the first few flakes accumulate on lawns. Before you know it, we’ll get some real midwest snow.

If you’re concerned about shoveling snow this winter, you may be interested in plowing and shoveling services from Tom Wiseman, who has provided private snow removal services to many Weybridge residents in years past.

Here are Tom’s services and options:

  • Contact Tom (details below) to setup service in advance. He will bill you directly based on the number and size of snow events we get.
  • After any snow event of 2 inches or more, Tom will automatically come out to plow your driveway and shovel the walkway to the front door.
  • Each snow event costs…
    • $20 after 2-3 inches
    • $25 after 3-4 inches
    • $30 after 4-5 inches
    • $35 after 5-6 inches
    • $40 after 6-7 inches
    • $45 after 7-8 inches
  • Plowing services start after snow stops falling, and Tom will plow/shovel again after accumulation of an additional 2 inches of snow.

To arrange service, call or email:

Tom Wiseman

NOTE: Weybridge does not provide snow removal services of any kind, and is not responsible for Tom’s services. We are providing information about this service option only as a courtesy to residents.

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