Dublin catching up on leaf pickup, should be back in Weybridge this coming week

This week the City of Dublin sent a note to subscribers about their efforts to pick up leaves across the community. Leaf pickup has been a challenge this fall because so many leaves fell nearly simultaneously, especially during a recent wind storm. Their (lightly edited) message is below.

NOTE: Weybridge is part of Zone 2.

Our LeafGo crews have worked extended hours to stay on schedule. Last week our crews worked on Sunday to complete Zone 2. Crews will be working Saturday and Sunday in Zone 1. There is a chance Zone 1 will not be completed this weekend and crews will continue service in Zone 1 early next week until all streets are serviced. After that, we will begin on Zone 2. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support raking them right! Visit our website to learn more and click on LeafGo to follow progress: https://dublinohiousa.gov/city-services/fall-leaf-collection/

If you can wait a little longer on raking and leaf pickup, BrightView plans to be back for fall cleanup at the end of the coming week. Stay tuned for an announcement about that tomorrow morning.

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