Security Alert: Scam emails sometimes impersonate Weybridge volunteers

Sadly, we live in times when criminals have computers just like the rest of us, and they sometimes use these digital tools to steal from us normal folks.

One of the ways Internet thieves do this is a method called “phishing” — where they send email, text messages, or other electronic communications that impersonate someone else and ask the targets (you) to do something for the impersonated person. They “hook” their victims (like a fish) and reel them in. Targets of the attack might be asked to wire money, buy gift cards, turn over passwords, or visit a website that breaks into their computer or online accounts to steal information.

We’ve recently learned attackers have impersonated members of the Weybridge board (and possibly other volunteers) and sent email to other board members and in some cases to residents, asking the recipients to buy things or wire money. These emails are fake, but they may look like they’re from a Weybridge board member, based on the way they forge the return email address.

You can learn more about phishing in this 3-minute video:

Weybridge board members, volunteers, or anyone else associated with Weybridge will never email residents asking for money, gift cards, access to your PC, or anything else. The only “ask” is that you pay quarterly dues of $200 to the HOA. Any other request is invalid and should be ignored and deleted.

We will also remind everyone about this risk next week at the Weybridge Annual Meeting (Tue, Oct 11), and make it a topic we mention at least annually, to remind everyone and inform new residents.

If you’ve got questions about phishing attacks and how you might be at risk, feel free to contact (board member John Proffitt) for more info.

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