Special thanks to retiring newsletter editor Bill Campbell

After nearly 8 years of reliable Weybridge newsletter editing and distribution, Bill Campbell is retiring from his volunteer post, and we cannot thank him enough for his service! Bill also served on the Weybridge board for 2 years along the way.

This means we need a new volunteer editor for The Bridge, which residents may remember is published 4 times per year in March, June, September, and December. You can find our archive of past issues here.

Since 2020 the newsletter has been primarily released via email, along with dues reminders and occasionally a plot map or resident directory. About 85% of Weybridge residents receive The Bridge this way. For the 15% that may struggle with electronic communications, Bill has dutifully printed and mailed the newsletter and other materials to those residents each quarter.

Could you be our next newsletter editor? Yes! In brief, here’s a summary of the job:

  • Collect articles, documents, and photos — mostly from Board members
  • Edit the articles and design the content to fit into a 2-page newsletter format, using tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, or similar apps
  • Print about a dozen copies of the documents and mail them to our non-electronic residents
  • Create electronic (PDF) copies of the newsletter and other documents and email them to a list of addresses maintained by the Weybridge board, using a special email account just for the newsletter editor

Bill estimates he spends about 8 hours every 3 months preparing and publishing everything.

If you’re willing to volunteer as our new publisher, the next issue of The Bridge is due around December 15, and Bill is ready to hand over files and help you get started.

Ready to volunteer? Please contact weybridgepresident@gmail.com or talk with us at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, October 11.

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