Private snow removal service available to Weybridge residents

Concerned about shoveling snow from the driveway this winter? In years past, some Weybridge residents have worked with Tom Wiseman (and Jim Severance before Tom), who can provide privately-paid plowing and shoveling services.

As a courtesy to our Weybridge neighbors, here are Tom’s services and options:

  • For existing customers, snow clearing services are $20 per driveway from 2-4 inches; $25 from 4-6 inches; $30 over 6 inches
  • If you contact Tom to plow on the snow event day, the cost is $30 and he’ll plow after he finishes plowing existing customers
  • Service includes shoveling walks to the front door
  • Tom shows up automatically after 1.5 to 2 inch snow events
  • Plowing services start after snow stops falling, and Tom will plow/shovel again after accumulation of an additional 2 inches of snow

He uses a Grasshopper with plow and rubber wheels. To arrange service:

Tom Wiseman

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