Voting results: Electronic communication for Weybridge HOA business

At the Weybridge HOA annual meeting on October 12, 2021 votes were counted in the matter of whether the Association should be permitted to conduct official HOA business via electronic methods, such as email or online meetings. Votes were both mailed in and conducted in person at the meeting (without any duplication). The results:

  • Votes for the amendment: 34
  • Votes against the amendment: 0

Our Code of Regulations requires a quorum be present to conduct official business, like voting, and a quorum is defined as 10% of the members (homeowners), which is only 8 members. We had more than 25% of Weybridge homes at the meeting, so a quorum was met, making this vote binding.

While this means Weybridge is now permitted to conduct official business via email — including notifications to residents — the Board recognizes some residents do not use email or other digital media regularly, so the most important announcements and other business will continue to be provided on paper where needed.

Thank you to everyone that attended the annual meeting or voted by written ballot!

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