ALERT: Armyworm insecticide treatment in Weybridge on Thu, 9/9

BrightView will be in Weybridge on Thursday, September 9 to apply an insecticide on our lawns to kill any armyworms present and hopefully prevent any additional armyworm damage.

The insecticide is called “Wisdom” (active ingredient: Bifenthrin) and it will be applied to all lawns, whether they are currently affected by armyworms or not. Please keep pets off lawns in Weybridge for 24 hours after the application on Thursday.

Here’s some retail information on Wisdom available online.

This photo of turf damage caused by fall armyworms comes from the U.S. Golf Association.

You can learn more about armyworms from these recent articles:

Fall armyworms march across Ohio, causing damage to crops and grass
Tiny, crawling troops are making their way across Ohio, eating turfgrass and crops and leaving a trail of dead plants in their wake.
Columbus Dispatch – Sep 1, 2021

‘Unprecedented’ outbreak of armyworms are destroying lawns across the US, often overnight
USA Today – Sep 1, 2021

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