Update on Weybridge HOA board membership

In mid-January 2021 we were notified by Weybridge HOA board member Beth Alderson she was moving to Florida and could no longer participate on the board. Originally elected in late 2018, Beth was a great addition to the board and we are definitely saddened to see her go. (Although given this winter, a move to Florida sounds pretty good!)

Under our Code of Regulations (Article VI, Section 6), the Board can appoint a replacement officer to fill the remainder of Beth’s term. And at the February 9, 2021 meeting, the board did just that — appointing Lisa Henry to complete Beth Alderson’s term, which ends late this year.

Lisa had already taken on the job of Landscape Officer as a volunteer, but is now a full voting member of the Weybridge board, too. Residents may remember she also stood for the board election last fall, so we’re delighted to welcome another engaged resident to the board family!

Thankfully, Lisa will continue in the ambitious Landscape Officer role while also voting on any important board matters. Please join us in offering a hearty thank you to Lisa!

Not sure who all is on the board, or who’s volunteering in Weybridge these days? Check out our Trustees, Officers, and Volunteers page here on the Weybridge website.

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