2020 Weybridge HOA Board election results

During October 2020 we asked Weybridge residents to cast votes for 2 open Board seats. 60 ballots were returned (up from 48 in 2018). We had 2 open seats and 3 announced candidates. The complete voting results were:

  • Stacy Holliday, 49
  • Jan Mussio, 35
  • Lisa Henry, 28

This means Stacy Holliday and Jan Mussio will fill the 2 open Board seats, joining the 3 continuing members: Norm Parrish, Pam Webb, and Beth Alderson. However, in a delightful twist, Lisa Henry has volunteered to serve our Weybridge community as the new Landscape Officer — a large job!

All 5 Board members will attend a formal meeting on Tuesday, November 10. In accordance with our Code of Regulations (section VI, item 2), the assembled members will choose Officer roles including President, Vice President, Treasurer, and so forth.

We will update the Weybridge website with the new Officer list following the meeting.

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