Painting suggestions from your Weybridge HOA

The Weybridge Trustees advise you to talk with your neighbor (roofmate) before painting/staining next time, to assure color match of your home.

1. First, both residents need to agree on a paint/stain color. (Weybridge roofmate agreement)

2. Fill out a Weybridge Design change request, Weybridge roofmate agreement, and a Muirfield Association Paint/Stain application. Take to any board member and we will approve and take to Muirfield Assoc. for the final approval.

3. Here are the three forms that are needed. Click on link to download.

         a. Weybridge roofmate agreement

         b. Weybridge Design Change Request

         c. Muirfield Paint/Stain Application

Muirfield Association has granted Weybridge a FREE application fee for painting.