Weybridge property inspections on Thursday, May 14

Every year the Weybridge board conducts a whole-neighborhood property inspection, walking through all of Weybridge, including through backyards and around our homes. [This duty is noted in the Code of Regulations, Article III, section 3 (e).]

This year Weybridge walk-around inspections are set for Thursday, May 14. You’ll see Board members with clipboards either starting around 2:00pm.

What does the board look for? Clear violations of the Warranty Deed that need to be fixed, such as paint problems, safety concerns, landscaping issues, or anything that’s out of character for the community or may impact home values.

If any problems are found, they are documented and homeowners are made aware of the issues within a few weeks, along with a request to fix the noted problems in a reasonable amount of time.

Finally, given the active COVID-19 pandemic, board members will maintain appropriate physical distances during the inspections. Additionally, the board is exploring ways to help residents with addressing requested fixes, given financial hardships presented by the pandemic and the additional time it may take to find appropriate contractors.

Meanwhile, the board will see you Thursday — maybe through the window this year!

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