Weybridge first Mowing April 14th, along with Fertilizer and weed spraying April 16th. Update on Driveway sealing

BrightView will be preforming they first mowing in Weybridge on Tuesday April 14th weather permitting, TruGreen will be applying  lawn fertilizer and chemicals designed to prevent the growth of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. They expect to be here  April 16th weather permitting.  If you have already put flags for pets out please pull them to allow for mowing. the flags can go back out on the 15th

If you have areas of your lawn you do not want fertilized or sprayed, you can place lawn flags to mark areas that are off-limits. If you need flags, they are available on Brent Kleihauer’s front stoop.

For areas that are sprayed and fertilized, homeowners with pets or children are advised to keep them off the lawn for at least 24 hours after the chemicals are applied.

Update on Driveway sealing

Flyers have not been sent out yet, we are still waiting to hear back from our Blactop sealing contractor to confirm the dates. Weybridge HOA will be sending out emails and flyers in mailbox slots to keep you updated. Standby for announcements as we all  work through this time of unrest.