Brightview Landscape update

What to expect on your site this week in Weybridge:

  • Begin mowing some sites this week, looking to start main mowing next week.
  • Trying to finish up mulching and a few sites will be pushed based on client feedback.
  • Blowing off hard surfaces as well as beds.
  • Finish pre-emergent to prevent weed germination
  • 1st Round of TruGreen Turf applications has begun!

Bright view Landscape has alert us of a couple pests we are keeping our eyes out for early this season, please read at your leisure. just click on the link to view

White Pine Weevil – 2020-03-30 White Pine Weevil

Eastern Tent Caterpillar – 2020-04-06 Eastern Tent Caterpillar

If you see any signs of these pests please contact our Landscape Officer Brent Kliehauer (