Update on 2019 Weybridge home sales

As reported at the Annual Meeting this week, home sales in Weybridge have been brisk, with increasing home prices fueled by a strong real estate market.

So far in 2019, we’ve noted 10 home sales. Prices ranged from $248,000 to $275,000. To get specific details on individual home sales, you can search the Delaware County Auditor‘s website, where each property is listed by address.

As for length of time on the market, we don’t have reliable figures, especially since some sales appear to be arranged even before a home goes on the open market. But from our observations, it seems like any one home listing lasts, on average, about 1 month.

Prices are rising, homes sell fast, and Weybridge remains a hot spot for many folks looking to downsize from larger homes. Hopefully you won’t want to sell anytime soon, but if you do, it should be fairly easy!

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