Garage Door Safety

Garage Doors

 The Weybridge Board has received a few calls about Weybridge residents leaving your garage door left open during the day for a long period of time. The Muirfield  association newsletter and a notice from Dublin Police has informed us of several break ins due to Garage doors left open.
Please read the Warranty deed section 2 paragraph “O” which states
No garage doors may be allowed to remain in open position at any time except when the doorway is being traversed.
To explain this, this rule unless you are working in the garage, the door must be closed. This is to deter thieves. and a rule which the Weybridge Board monitors.
Weybridge Board of Trustees and Officers

The Bridge: September 2019

bridge-sep-2019The September 2019 edition of The Bridge, Weybridge’s resident newsletter, has been distributed via email to all residents with a registered email address (90%+ of residents at last review).

If you need another copy of The Bridge, you can download a PDF copy right here:

You can also find back issues of The Bridge over on the newsletter’s home page here.

And if you’d like to ensure your email address is on file with Weybridge, please email any updates to or at any time.

Fertilizer and weed spraying Sep 11; lawn aeration the week of Sep 23

BrightView will be back in the Weybridge neighborhood soon to apply fertilizer, spray for broadleaf weeds, and to aerate our lawns. Here’s the proposed schedule:

  • Wed, Sep 11 — Fertilizer and broadleaf weed herbicide spraying
  • Week of Sep 23 — Lawn aeration

If you have areas of your lawn you do not want fertilized or sprayed, you can place lawn flags to mark areas that are off-limits. If you need flags, they are available on Brent Kleihauer’s front stoop.

For areas that are sprayed and fertilized, homeowners with pets or children are advised to keep them off the lawn for at least 24 hours after the chemicals are applied.


For lawn aeration the week of September 23, anyone with “shallow wiring” installed (invisible pet fences, yard lighting, or similar) needs to contact Brent at so we can relay your address to BrightView. Lawn aeration pokes deep holes in the lawn and can damage wiring for invisible fences, lighting, and sprinklers, or anything else buried in the yard. Brent will report known sprinkler systems to BrightView, but he needs to know about other systems as well.

Alternatively, you can place flags in the yard to map out where lawn aerators should not go, thereby protecting your in-ground systems.