Safety Alert

Weybridge Intersection Obstruction

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Weybridge HOA has received several concerns about our Muirkirk and Glick Road entrances into our community. With the summer speeds and upcoming Memorial tournament, Your Weybridge HOA wants to remind Residents of the increased traffic and safety to our Community. We have contacted Muirfield Association about trimming back the shrubs and bushes at out entrances, also contacted Dublin police of this issue and they will be setting up a portable speed radar trailer to slow traffic.

radar speed trailer              Stop sign

When leaving our Weybridge community both entrances have Stop signs. If you stop behind the stop sign your vision in impaired, so please pull slowly up to the white line to increase your line of sight before pulling out onto Glick Rd.

Weybridge HOA hopes this summer will be Safe and Happy time for our whole community.

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  1. Thank you After drivers go thru the Dublin road light, they speed going westbound up to 45 mph before our entrances

    Thank you so much for that speed reminder up especially before Muirfield memorial golf tourney

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