REMINDER: Quarterly Weybridge HOA fee due April 1

This is just a friendly reminder that all Weybridge residents need to send their $200 quarterly dues check in to our Treasurer by April 1.

(If you’ve already paid ahead for the year, you can ignore this reminder.)

When you mail or deliver your check, make sure it notes your name or property address, so we apply the dues to the correct home. No remittance slip is required. Make checks payable to Weybridge HOA and mail them to 9232 Stratton Ln, Dublin, OH 43017. Or hand them to our Treasurer, Jan Mussio.

Questions about dues? Contact Jan at

Keep in mind these dues are for Weybridge only, primarily to cover landscaping maintenance and our every-third-year driveway sealing service (coming up in summer 2023). Annual dues to the Muirfield Association are billed and paid separately.

The Bridge: March 2023

The March 2023 edition of The Bridge, Weybridge’s resident newsletter, is being distributed via email to all residents with a registered email address.

This month we’re asking residents to complete an online survey about the Weybridge newsletter and its future. You can take our simple 3-question survey here:

If you need another copy of The Bridge, you can download a PDF copy here:

The Bridge – March 2023

You can also find back issues of The Bridge over on the newsletter’s home page here.

If you’d like to ensure your correct email address is on file with Weybridge, please email any updates to at any time.

Please take our 3-question Weybridge resident online survey now

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Weybridge has had a quarterly newsletter — The Bridge — for many years, but we also have our website (which we’ll be upgrading this year). Producing the newsletter is time-consuming and has some cost for the HOA, so the Board wants to determine whether there’s enough value for residents to keep the newsletter going.

Our very simple, very fast 3-question online survey will help us think about what to do with our website, newsletter, and more. You can take the survey anytime here:

We will use the results to inform what we do next with the newsletter and other communication channels. And we’ll share any findings here on the website.

NOTE: Our online survey, linked above, is also mentioned in the next edition of The Bridge, coming to you in the middle of this week.

Thanks in advance, and we hope you’re excited for the warmer months right around the corner!

Weybridge Ladies Lunches on hold — seeking a new organizer and ideas

If you’ve got the Weybridge Ladies Lunch on your calendar for this coming Thursday (Jan 19), you may need to make other plans. Our lunches are now on hold until we can find a new organizer.

Sadly, our most recent organizer’s work schedule has gotten very busy, and at the same time participation in the lunches is down over the past few years (partly due to COVID-19, partly due to normal community changes), so we may need a bit of re-thinking of how to do the lunches, and definitely need a organizer.

Weybridge Ladies: Our board President Lori York is seeking your ideas and a volunteer organizer. Would someone like to take the lead? And should the lunches change in terms of schedule or destinations? For example, should the lunches always be at the same location? Every other month? What would you like to see in 2023 that would get you back to the table with your neighbors?

Please email, call, or text Lori with your thoughts, questions, or ideas (or to volunteer!). She can be reached at or 614-286-4048.

Weybridge remembers Sharalyn Dersham

We are sorry to report former Weybridge resident Sharalyn Dersham passed away suddenly last week. She was most recently living in the Dublin Retirement Village, after moving there in 2019.

Sharalyn’s husband — Paul Dersham — passed away in 2014. They originally moved to Weybridge 24 years ago in 1998. While living in Weybridge, Paul served as HOA President and Sharalyn participated in Ladies Lunches and other activities.

Sharalyn’s cremains have been interred next to Paul in western Ohio near Gettysburg, a small town east of Greenville, and the ancestral home of the Dersham family.

No services are planned.