Snow Removal for Weybridge

Tom Wiseman – phone 614 668- 5748  

Email –

For existing customers $20.00 per driveway call if you were not on Jim Severance list.

If you contact him to plow on day of snow event it will be $30.00 and he will plow after he finishes existing customers.

He uses a Grasshopper with plow and rubber wheels, same equipment that Jim used.

Shovels walks to door, shows up automatically after 1 ½ to 2 inch snows will start after snow stops falling, and again after accumulation of additional 2” snow

December Ladies Lunch is canceled

As we post this update, COVID-19 hospitalizations across the U.S. have surged past 88,000 as the “third wave” continues to build. Out of an abundance of caution, we’re going ahead and canceling the December Weybridge Ladies Lunch. And hopefully 2021 will bring back our lunches and so much more.

Stay tuned to the Weybridge website and we’ll post updates and keep the Calendar page current. In the meantime, we hope everyone is staying home and carefully defending against the virus during any necessary trips out in public.

Stay safe Weybridge!

Reminder: Outdoor holiday decoration rules

As we enter the 2020 holiday season folks are thinking about decorating outdoors. Please remember that holiday decorations may be installed and displayed outdoors on Weybridge homes up to one month before the holiday and must be removed within two weeks following the holiday. Exterior lights must be turned off every night by 11:00 p.m.

One additional reminder: inflatable decorations of any kind are prohibited.

You can read the policy pertaining to exterior decorations in the Muirfield Property Handbook, Section 3.11, Exterior Home Decor.

Your new Weybridge Trustees and Officers

Following the 2020 election (no, not THAT election), Weybridge has some new Trustees and we’re changing some of the formal Officer and volunteer roles. Here’s the current lineup helping lead the Weybridge community:

Trustees + Officer Roles

  • President: Norm Parrish (Nov 2018 – Nov 2021)
  • Vice President: Pam Webb (Nov 2018 – Nov 2021)
  • Treasurer: Jan Mussio (Nov 2020 – Nov 2023)
  • Secretary: Stacy Holliday (Nov 2020 – Nov 2023)
  • Trustee at Large: Beth Alderson (Nov 2018 – Nov 2021)


  • Landscape Officer: Lisa Henry
  • Webmaster: John Proffitt
  • Ladies Lunch Organizer: Sharon Foster
  • Publisher, The Bridge: Bill Campbell
  • New Resident Ambassador: Stephanie Miller

You can always find our current roster of Trustees, Officers, and Volunteers here on the Weybridge website. That page also includes email addresses in case you would like to reach out to specific roles.

Special Thanks

With the changes noted above, we have had 2 departures from the Board. Weybridge would like to specially thank…

Ed Kuplis, Treasurer

After many years on the Board as a Trustee and as a detail-oriented Treasurer, Ed Kuplis is retiring from his role. He’s been a fierce advocate for financial responsibility on behalf of all residents, and gotten to know many in our community. We cannot thank him enough for his steady spreadsheet wizardry and thoughtful leadership!

Brent Kleihauer, Landscape Officer

A few years ago Brent stepped up to take on the very big year-round task of managing our landscaping contract and services, including gathering property-by-property preferences and collaborating regularly with BrightView on lawn mowing, edging, weeding, fertilizing, mulching, and more. The proof of Brent’s hard work is all around us — literally — and it makes living in Weybridge so much more pleasant. Thank you to Brent for the lawn flags, the surveys, and taking and making so many phone calls to keep Weybridge neat and green!

November Ladies Lunch is canceled

With the “third wave” of COVID-19 expanding in Ohio, this month’s Weybridge Ladies Lunch (originally set for Thu, 11/19) has unfortunately been canceled.

As with so many things during this pandemic, what happens to the planned December lunch is unclear. Either way we’ll announce it here on the Weybridge website and update our Calendar page. In the meantime, we hope everyone is staying home and carefully defending against the virus during any necessary trips out in public.

And don’t forget: under updated rules from the State of Ohio, we are all required to wear a face mask while out in public, to protect those around us and to protect ourselves. Stay safe Weybridge!